Assuring shop owners & managers
peace of mind that your service advisors / staff know the regulations of the
Bureau of Automotive Repairs and in how it effects them and their job. 

Online certification assures and documents that your staff knows and understands these regulations.  

Automotive Service Advisor
"write it right" certification

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you can be sure that your staff understands the importance of the Bureau of Automotive Repairs 

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Not Sure? Take our challenge.
Take our 10 question sample test for FREE!

As we say, if you can't pass the sample test of 10 questions, what makes you believe that your staff knows or understands these regulation pass?

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We offer automotive repair shops a easy and affordable solution for
certifying their staff on the regulations set by the Bureau of Automtive Repairs B.A.R. 
Try the certification for free!

Remember: when your staff writes a repair order they are creating a legal contract between you and your customer. Don't be misled by not training your staff. It might cost you down the road. 
We offer an online solution for certification that is affordably priced for even a small shop.  
Write it Right Certification!
What Every Shop Needs 
take the certification and see if you can pass with 100%. We have found that most service managers can not pass the certification on the first try. 
Write it Right
Try the free demo version first. Then sign up your staff so that they know what needs to be done to perform their jobs correctly.
Write it Right Certification
If you can't answer the questions correctly then what make you think that your staff knows the correct answers. Take the free demo version an see for yourself.
Write it Right certification

Automotive Advisor Training. Com is helping to assist automotive service drives with a simple yet easy way to help their staff with training. The Write it Right certification assist automotive service managers with training and documention that the staff understands and knows B.A.R. regulations.
Many times the emplyee states they underestand, but how do you know? TAKE THE DEMO CHALLENGE FREE!

Well now you will know. The service advisor recieves a certification of completion after passing. Get your shop trainned and up to date by understanding the many rules and regulation set by the Bureau of Automotive Repair. 

Certification takes less than 15 minutes to complete after  reading the material that can be downloaded on our site.