Write it Right  For the Service Drive

Assuring peace of mind that your service drive and automotive service advisors know the regulations of the states "BAR" Bureau  of Automotive Repairs.

Invest in your service drive by ensuring that your  staff follows good business practice of the BAR, Bureau of Automotive Repairs. Try the FREE DEMO...

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Write it Right Certification

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As we say, if you can't pass the sample demo test, what makes you believe that your staff can pass?

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Online Certification.

Write it Right  Certification is an easy way for business managers to insure staff members are aware of BAR regulations.
Now get your employees a certificate of completion. Showing that they have passed with a 100% completion. Still unsure? Take the FREE DEMO..


Write it Right! 

Automotive Advisor Training.Com helping assist automotive service drives with a simple yet easy way in training their staff on the states BAR Bureau of Automotive Repair - Write it Right. 
We help automotive service managers with training and knowledge of the states B.A.R. regulations.
Many times, staff will state they understand the BAR rules, but how do you know their knowledge without testing them on those rules?

We now offer a solution for this concern. Your service advisor receives a certificate of completion after passing with a 100%. Write it Right Certification is a  solution to assist you and your staff training and understanding the many rules / regulation set by the states BAR Bureau of Automotive Repair.

Certification takes less than 15 minutes to complete after reading the downloaded material.  

Still not sure? Take our challenge. Try our FREE DEMO VERSION for FREE!
Take our challenge, if you can't pass the sample test, then what makes you believe that your staff can pass?
The DEMO VERSION takes 10 random questions from the course. We find that only 20% complete the demo version with a 100%. TAKE THE CHALLENGE - Try the FREE DEMO VERSION! 

Together with Automotive-Service-Management-Net we're offering automotive service managers and automotive repair shops the POWER WORKBOOK SERIES. The power workbooks are designed to help automotive shop owners review areas within their shops robbing them of profits. The Power Workbooks address everything from your shops effective labor rates, stall productivity, technician efficiency. These workbook series are designed to work with either Microsoft Excel or Open Office.

Purchase one or all of the power workbooks. The power workbook series makes it easy to look at different areas within a shop, and forecast how changes will effect the profits of your shop.

Tec to Advisor

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Workbook Series

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Effective Labor 

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Competitive  Research

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Tech Wages / Cost

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Stall Productivity

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Shop Workbook

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Tech Productivity

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